Waitless App Help.

What is Waitless?

Waitless is a mobile ordering and payment app that helps you save time, by making the dining process more efficient without taking away from the actual dining experience.

What is a Parked Order?

With Waitless, you can browse participating restaurants menus on you mobile device, choose what you want to eat or drink from the menu, and “Park” it on the Waitless system in the convenience of your home or office. When you are ready to eat or fulfill the order, you simply visit the restaurant you “Parked” the order with, give them your order identifier, seat and enjoy your meal. When you are done, simply reach for your phone, click the “Payment” button on your Waitless app to close out your tab instantly and securely, you and the Waiter will be notified about the payment. The days of Waiting on a Waiter to close out your Tab are over.

You can also Park, Pay and Pick Up your order at Quick Service Restaurants.

How do I park an Order?

1. Search participating Restaurants Near you, by touching “What’s Near Me?”.

2. Select your desired restaurant, Click on “Park an Order” to begin creating your order.

3. Select a Food Category. Example “Steaks”.

4. Select a Food Item. Example “24 ounce Angus Steak”.

5. Touch “Add Item to Parked Order”.

6. Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 until your order is completed.

7. Touch “Update” to update and save you order.

Your order will remain in the “Opened” status until you visit the restaurant and you can Edit, Delete, Share or make Favorite your order while it’s still in the “Opened" Status.

With Quick Service Restaurants after you have selected a pick up time and made a payment, you can visit the restaurant to pick up your meal.

What happens when I've Parked an Order?

If you have Parked an Order with a Quick Service Restaurant that requires you to select a Pick-up time and Pay for your order ahead of time, all you need to do is just show up to pick up your meal at your selected time.

If you Park an Order with a restaurant that doesnt require payment ahead of time, the restaurant will be able to see that someone has “Parked” an order with them. The order will NOT be prepared until you actually visit the restaurant. The restaurant can however, extend unique Waitless promotions tailored to your order or profile to you. Example if it’s your first time visiting the restaurant, they may choose to extend a free desert or drink to you. If you are regular, the restaurant may decide to extend a special promotion to you the next time you dine with them.

Do I have to eat at the restaurant because I parked an Order there?

No. We created the parked order function to allow restaurants to engage Waitless users. A parked order can help start a conversation with a restaurant. The restaurant may choose to engage with a promotion, if they don’t, you may still choose to go or not to go fulfill the order.

What happens when I visit a restaurant I have an “Opened” Parked Order with?

When you arrive at the participating restaurant, you simply mention to them that you have parked an Order with them, you will be asked for your order identifier, or your email address. If you need to make changes to your order, you can make the restaurant aware, and the restaurant will make these changes on your behalf, using the Waitless Merchant Application. Once you and the restaurant are in agreement, about the order, the restaurant will fulfill the order on their system. You will be notified via your app that you can make a payment anytime during the dining process. You then click the payment button, your bill is instantly settled and the status of your Parked Order changes to “Closed”.
A Closed Parked Order is an order which the restaurant has received payment for.

Can I include a Gratuity in my parked order?

Yes. With Waitless you can set a default percentage gratuity for all your orders in Settings. You can also set an In-Order gratuity for a particular order when you edit (pencil icon) that particular order, by clicking on the gratuity amount in edit mode. So if you feel like a particular wait staff deserves more than the default percentage, you can increase the percentage for that particular order.

How do I make a payment?

Making a payment with Waitless is as easy as pushing a button. Waitless gives you the opportunity to close out your tab with a major Credit or Debit card, a Dwolla payment account where applicable. You can easily set up a payment source on the Waitless app and attach it to your Waitless account. A convenience fee may be assessed to cover some of the cost of payment processing depending on the restaurant.

Can I pay with Cash?

Yes. If you choose not to use the instant and secure payment method through the app, or maybe your payment account has insufficient funds, you can certainly settle your bill with cash or alternative means, and the Wait staff will set your parked order to “Closed”.
A Closed Parked Order is an order which the restaurant has received payment for.

Can I Rate and Review my dining experience?

Yes, when you have dined and paid, your parked order moves to a “Closed” status. At this point you can let the Manager of the establishment know how the service was. You can rate the service on a 1 to 5 Star scale and also leave comments directly for the manager of the establishment you dined at.

Can I order Take-Out using Waitless?

Yes. You can "Park" an order using the Waitless App, visit the restaurant , pay using the Waitless app and pick up your meal.

Can I order, pay and then pickup using Waitless?

Yes. With some restaurants you can "Park" an order and pay using the Waitless App, then visit the restaurant to pick up your meal.

Refunds and Cancellations

Participating Restaurants are able to issue refunds in the event a refund is necessary. Refunds are based on the Restaurants refund policy.


Pricing of items that can be ordered by customers are directly determined by participating Restaurants(sub-merchants) and the amount per item is commiserate with the pricing of items on the menu.

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